Armadillo Lamp



The Armadillo LED Light is designed and manufactured by Meso in Scotland. It resembles the iconic Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. The light is designed as a souvenir for use in the home or office, providing a beautiful decorative lamp with the ability to look at home either on a table or on a wall.

The Armadillo LED Light is a self-assembly decorative light in the form of the Clyde Auditorium. The building, situated on the banks of Glasgow's River Clyde on reclaimed former dockyards, is designed by Foster and Partners and colloquially referred to by Glaswegians as "The Armadillo". The venue is inspired by the hulls of upturned boats.


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Product Specifications

Self-assembly LED light

Pack: 605mm x 305mm x 65mm
... Each lamp comes packaged in a branded box
Lamp: 495mm x 295mm x 185mm

2mm thick Acrylic base,
0.8mm thick Polypropylene Sections

CE marked 12V power supply
driving white LED light strip

Designed by Meso Design

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